Brothers: Alantez and Mykal Fox

Alantez Fox

Alantez Fox (born March 13, 1992) is an American middleweight professional boxer from Maryland and older brother to welterweight Mykal Fox. Fox turned professional at the age of 18. While beginning his professional career, Fox was closely compared to Paul Williams due in large part to both fighters being extremely tall for their weight class even though Fox eventually moved up a weight class. Alantez 24 win, 11 KO; 1 loss; 1 draw.

Mykal fox.JPG
Mikal Fox

Mykal Fox (born October 28, 1995) is an American welterweight professional boxer from Maryland and younger brother to middleweight Alantez Fox. Mykal started boxing at the age of 4 and has been competing since the age of 8. Fox turned pro on April 18, 2014. Mykal 20 win, 5 KO; 1 loss.


Boxing is a combat sport where competitors score a win by inflicting pain and injury on each other

If you are outside of a boxing ring and you punch someone in the face and knock him unconscious, you risk going to jail. But if you did the same inside a boxing ring, you will be declared the winner of the bout. An English judge has said that boxing “stands outside the ordinary law of violence because society chooses to tolerate it”. Boxing is a combat sport where opponents score a win through inflicting pain and injury on one another.

Shinobu Charlie Hosokawa vs. Yasuyuki Akiyama

Outside the Ropes: Fascism in America as ICE Raids Come to 9 Major Cities on Sunday, July 14, and it is not a movie premier

“When fascism comes to America, it will be
wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.”
Sinclair Lewis (1935)

Fake Christian and Liar- The real outrage and despot, Mike Pence.

From Vice News
By Emma Ockerman July 12, 2019

Undocumented immigrants scheduled for deportation will lock their doors this weekend as federal agents scour some of the largest U.S. cities looking to make arrests. They’ll take sanctuary in churches. They’ll keep their lawyers and advocates close.

But they’ll be ready.


Why boxing and cage fighting should be banned- but won’t be

“…boxing and cage fighting share a unique characteristic: participants set out to “stop” their opponent, a euphemism for the infliction of harm that renders opponents unable to continue fighting. Knocking them unconscious is the ultimate “stop”.”

Why boxing and cage fighting should be banned- but won’t be

Another black eye for boxing: Emanuel Williams was not ready for his debut

Top Rank Boxing came under intense criticism for permitting a lightly skilled, junior boxer to be in an under card bout this past November 2018. This is a classic example of the failure of the boxing world to look out for the health of a fighter and to stop the use of humans as punching bags for other boxers. It also raises concern about the licensing approval process for professional boxers.

Image result for Emanuel Williams
Emanuel Williams (blue trunks) was clearly outmatched
in his debut fight versus John Rincon

Emanuel Williams did not have the boxing skills needed to face his opponent in his debut bout.


Rev. Sergius Akimov, Boxing Priest

Rev. Sergius Akimov

When asked how an aggressive sport such as boxing can have anything to do with Christianity, the priest’s eyes lit up and he delivered an inspired sermon on the positive benefits of boxing.

“Like many who know little about boxing, you don’t understand the essence of the sport; you think that it’s about getting in a scuffle and is therefore unchristian. But this isn’t true. If you go into the ring full of emotions, anger, aggression, and human passions, you’re going to lose,” says Akimov.

Boxing Priest